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 is Mishas back for a long anticipated second solo shoot and shes brought back her stunning looks slim toned body amazing pert breasts long legs
 and blonde hair
 her pale body
 small breasts and
 full bush of
 pubes she gives an innocent yet suggestive smile as she slowly starts
 to tease and insert her finger into her wet pussy
Starting off
 flicking between study material and magazines she gets distracted and starts to emulate the poses for us of course with her own sexy
 slant on it The shoot then becomes a non-stop and high-paced montage of long legs glasses beautiful poses playful jumps behind plants and umberellas and
 intimate peeps at her amazinly pert
 bum and innocently puffy nipples
Undressing her stunning natural lightly tanned body
 small pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy she teases and effortlessly seduces with quick and cute glances in the
A real life fashion model Kissa shows off some of her moves and
 favorite items of clothing as she dresses up and strips down
In this set we see her playing her Cello pressing it up against her
 large pert breasts she runs her fingers seductively up and down
 the strings of the instruments neck Moving from inside to out on the deck her form is
 only further highlighted by the
 bright greens of the garden
Undressing her petite hour-glass figure she will have you transfixed with her big green innocent eyes Dropping
 the towel and dipping into the warm steamy water she grabs the soap and lathers up her large pert breasts and gorgeous pale
 skin Running her hands under the water she feels for her smooth shaved pussy
Naked rolling in and out of the
 hammock she slides her hands along her body until she reaches her smooth shaved pussy where she
 slips in a few fingers and starts to
 immerse herself in a private moment of sexual self indulgence
Kaci has delicious chewable nipples and a nice round bum
 with an distinct birthmark
Sandy H wow sexy sensual seductive spicy Sandys got all the bases covered This perfectly formed brunette
 very succesfully manages to stop us
 from leaving with a jaw droppingly sexy strip tease and provocativly explicit nude display Her pert breast and a perfectly formed bum are bound to
 tantalize your imagination
Her bright blonde hair and beautiful green eyes
 make her mesmerizing to watch
 and as she slowly undresses and seduces you with

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